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Fire Starters - Box of 3

Fire Starters - Box of 3

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These beautiful fire starters are a great addition to your summer bonfires. They are made with all natural products such as orange, pear and apple slices, star anise, rose petals, pine cones and cinnamon sticks. Each fire starter holds approximately 2 ounces of coconut apricot wax, scented with our popular Roasted Pine Cone scent. Just light the wick and paper. It makes for a perfect accelerant to your kindling. The wax extends the burn time until your fire gets going, then the wax dissipates. 

No two fire starters are the same. They are all hand-made and original. Each box contains 3 fire starters. 


 - Place on flat surface in fire pit or wood-burning fireplace.

 - Place kindling over fire starter.

 - Light the wick and paper. 

 - Allow a few minutes for starter to ignite kindling.

Fire starters are safe for indoor wood burning fireplaces as well as outdoor fire pits. DO NOT USE IN GAS FIREPLACES. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. 

FIRE STARTERS ARE NOT CANDLES. Only burn in an outdoor fire pit or wood burning fireplace.

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